About Us

Our Mission:

Digital Copier Mart is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality copiers at the lowest prices and ensuring that all customers benefit from our interrelated Teams that ultimately provide ONE place for customers to purchase and maintain their copiers.

  • Sales:  Our competent Sales Team is dedicated to ensuring that our customers experience both a cost and time efficient process when purchasing a copier.
  • Customer Satisfaction:  Digital Copier Mart’s Customer Service Department works directly with the Sales Team in order to provide customers with the copier that suits your business needs, unbeatable pricing and comprehensive warranties.
  • Technical Support:  Digital Copier Mart’s Technician Team is available around the clock should you need any assistance with various issues.
  • Operations:  You will undoubtedly benefit from not only quick and concise responses to your needs, but also from the simplified yet thorough process involved when purchasing a copier with Digital Copier Mart (including all aspects from proposals, quotes, invoicing, shipping, etc.).

America’s Largest Discount Copier Center!

  • Digital Copier Mart chooses selected models with proven field success and low copy counts
  • Certified technicians apply  an extensive, 120-step comprehensive remanufacturing process
  • Panels are treated to give the unit a “like new” appearance
  • Units are packaged using new equipment standards
  • Digital Copier Mart’s manufacturing facility uses an ISP 9001:4003-style quality system
  • Nationwide Locations.
    • Chicago • New York • Baltimore/DC • Dallas • Los AngelesSan Jose • Orlando • Atlanta • Denver • Seattle • Detroit

Digital Copier Mart Certified Remanufactured Program:

Boost Your ROI with Previously-Owned Equipment and Components that are Like New!

To satisfy the equipment needs of our cost-conscious customers, Digital Copier Mart offers select used office equipment that has been restored to original factory specifications.

Digital Copier Mart Certified Remanufactured program is based on strict qualification guidelines and comprehensive product inspections and is designed to give customers the chance to purchase top-quality products at very competitive prices…with complete confidence.

The equipment and supplies available through this program have been pre-selected from Digital Copier Mart’s inventory of used products based on strict eligibility criteria that include performance history and low meter counts. Every certified used product selected undergoes a rigorous inspection at Digital Copier Mart’s remanufacturing facility. Based upon the actual meter count of the machine, all units are either reconditioned or completely remanufactured to “like new” status using our carefully controlled ISP 9001:4003-certified process and then fully-tested to MA approved standards.

Certified Remanufactured vs. Certified Reconditioned:

Remanufactured equipment is virtually indistinguishable from new products in appearance, quality, and reliability. Reconditioned equipment provides a similar set of equipment deliverables without undergoing the full replacement remanufacturing process.

Certified Remanufactured:

That equipment which has met the product type and meter count definitions and has been rebuilt to meet ISO 9001:2000 certification

Component replacement process requirements at Digital Copier Mart’s national remanufacturing facilities for resale. Equipment meters are reset to “0″ once total remanufacturing is complete.